Lanark Fire Protection District: serves the Lanark and Lake Carroll AreasFire Department Patch


Non-emergency 815/493-2341

Mission Statement: The Lanark Fire Department is dedicated to minimizing the loss of life and property due to fire, accident, or natural disaster, and to provide emergency medical services to the residents of our district.


Barnes, Cory EMT, Firefighter – – 2nd Lieutenant
Barnes, Mochelle EMT
Burkholder, Keith Firefighter
Diehl, Kayla EMT
Diehl, Tony Firefighter
Earnest, Jason Firefighter
Ewing, Tricia EMT
Floming, Rick Firefighter
Folk, Amy Firefighter
Geidd, Tyler Firefighter
Guenzler, Les Firefighter
Hill, David EMT, Firefighter
Hill, Jack Firefighter
Lindsay, Jeff Firefighter – – 1st Lieutenant
Markley, Chris EMT, Firefighter – – 1st Captain – EMS Coordinator
Murphy, Brian EMT-P
Murphy, Paul EMT-P, Firefighter
Porzel, David Firefighter
Reese, Brandon EMT, Firefighter
Shaulis, Dan Firefighter – – 1st Asst. Chief
Smith, Dave Firefighter
Strong, Amber EMT
Sturtevant, Kim EMT, Firefighter
Thomas, Hunt Firefighter – – 2nd Captain
Weber, Judy EMT
Weber, Kara Firefighter
Weber, Tom Firefighter – – Bat. Chief Safety
Witt, Randy Firefighter – – CHIEF
Wolbers, Dennis Firefighter