Community Information

The City of Lanark, established in 1861, is a beautiful, peaceful rural community located in Northwest Illinois. It is 20 Minutes East of the Mississippi River, 55 minutes Southwest of Rockford, IL, and 2 hours West of Chicago. The city is known as one of the most beautiful communities in the region. It has stately trees, an historic, picturesque business district and magnificent old and new homes. Lanark has a population of 1,457.

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Lanark and the surrounding area offers:


Gazebo in the Lanark City Park~ City Park

~ Summer League Baseball / Softball

Mississippi Palisades State Park — 15 minutes

Lake Carroll Golf CourseGolf Courses

 Lake Carroll & Oakville within 10 minutes

— Ten within 30 minutes

Playhouse Theater—10 minutes

Timber Lake Playhouse

~ County Cycling TrailsLake Carroll Trails

~ ATV & Snowmobile Trails

Old Settlers Days

Lake Carroll Aquatic Complex~ Hometown Days

Lake Carroll-Five Miles

~ Lake Carroll Aquatic Complex Swimming Pool-five miles



~ Low Cost of Living

~ 7.66% Property Taxes

~ Job Opportunities within a 30 minute commute

TIF (Tax Increment Financing) District

EDUCATIONEastland Schools Booklet

Eastland School District 308 Test Scores 16% Above State Average

~ Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio

~Excellent Extracurricular and Sports Programs

~Caring and Supportive Teachers and Administration

Highland Community College~Two Community Colleges within 30 minutes


~ Medical Clinic in TownFHN Clinic

~ Two Hospitals within 30 miles

~ Very Low Crime Rate

~ Crime Stoppers

~ Neighborhood Watch

On The Move Community Fitness Center


~ Fitness Center

Safe Routes To School~ No Traffic Congestion

~ Quiet, Peaceful

~ City Safe Route to School Plan



~ Lions Club

~ Lanark Community Club

~ Eastland Council of Churches

~ Six Churches

Lanark Chamber Of Commerce~ Friends of the Lanark Public Library

~ Lanark Chamber of Commerce


~ American Legion

~ 4-H

~ Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts



~ Beautiful Historic Architecture of Downtown Businesses and Residences

~ Magnificent Tree Lined Streets

~ Cable, WiFi, and DSL Broadband Internet Access

~ Outstanding Public Library

~ Golden Meals Senior Citizen Lunch Delivery

~ Award winning Water and Sewer Systems

~ Friendly Citizens and Businesses

~ Bed & Breakfast—One within City limits, five within 20 minutes